Bountiful Books

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• The new Bountiful Books USB brings the magical and wonderful tales we read to life, in stunning fashion.
• Simply reshape and combine the shapes that are included on the USB.
• Packed full of cutting files to make your own memory albums and decorate to your hearts content with the wide range of embellishments, pages, pockets, stencils and much, much more, this USB is bound to spark your creativity.
• Intricate Book cutting at the touch of a button is so easy! These designs would be impossible to cut out by hand, so let your machine do the work for you!
• Use this USB to create amazing papercrafts, home décor and other crafty projects!

This USB contains:

  • 70 Backing Paper
  • 127 Book SVGs
  • 328 Charisma SVGs
  • 91 Charisma Mat SVG
  • 320 Charismas

This item is not currently available.