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Ever want that fabulous Dolls House for Christmas or Birthday but it just never seemed to arrive, well now you can make your own with the Shabby Collectables USB from Cutting Craftorium.

Shabby Collectables USB includes projects for every room of your dolls house, so you can decorate exactly to your style. Mirror the home you live in now or create your fantasy space.

The USB includes a resizable Dolls House that can be cut in large sections or you could create each room individually in modular form and create a completely different layout and size to your Dolls House.

The USB features furniture for the Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining Room, Living Room and of course the essential Craft Room.

With the furniture including Tables, Shelves, Beds, Bath, Kitchen Counters, Fridge, Rocking Horse and so much more to really kit out your little house.

There are even little embellishments to add extra little touches to the rooms such as ceiling roses, light switches, picture frames. Don’t forget the outside as there are window shutters, fences, foliage and so much more for you to really unleash your interior designer.

There are also 200 backing papers on the USB featuring a fabulous range of designs and colours wonderful for acting as wallpaper or textures as the flooring.

Intricate die cutting at the touch of a button is so easy! These designs would be impossible to cut out by hand, so let your machine do the work for you!

Use this USB to create amazing papercrafts, home décor and other crafty projects!

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